Carbon Steel Castings

We provide Carbon Steel Castings used for a variety of applications such as valves, pumps, general machinery, earth moving and construction machinery etc.

The castings are magnetic particle tested, radiographed and ultrasonic tested as required.

Conforming to ASTM and EN specifications:

ASTM A27 : Grades 60-30, 65-35, 70-36, 70-40.
ASTM A148 : Grades 90-60
ASTM A216 : Grades WCA, WCB, WCC
ASTM A352 : Grades LCB, LCC (Low Alloy Steel)
IS2707 : Grade I, II
IS2702 : Grade I, II
EN / DIN standard : 1.0619,(GP240GH),1.6220,GP280 GH, GS20Mn5, GS21Mn5,G28Mn6, GS60
Engineering Grades : EN8, EN9, C45 etc.