The Company has established a well planned infrastructure and its salient features are:

Total area of 120000 Sq. Ft and built at up area of 30000 Sq.Ft. , able space available for expansion
Induction melting furnace of 400 KW rating with liquid metal capacity of up to 1400 kg.
Single piece weight upto 900 kg
Electric and oil fired heat treatment furnaces with 30000 liter capacity water tank for quenching with mechanical agitation.
Double Impeller conveyor type shot blasting machine.
Separate 600 A Welding rectifiers for casting up-gradation grade wise.
Full range of fettling equipment for finishing of castings.

The Company has established a comprehensive range of inspection and testing facilities:

32 Elements Direct reading spectrometer with Fe and Ni bases and channel for ultra low Nitrogen
40 MT capacity Universal Testing Machine with extenso meter
300J capacity Impact Testing Machine
Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing and  Ultrasonic testing.
Radiography  outsourced from reliable partners.
Level II qualified personnel for supervising NDT inspections.
Complete range of inspection facilities for layout inspection and routine inspection.
Casting Methoding evaluated by Simulation Software
Being in the field of supplying castings for critical applications, the Company has concentrated on establishing and effectively implementing a quality management system that focuses on customer satisfaction and continual improvement through effective team work. The company has complied with mandatory systems and procedures and obtained necessary certifications to instill confidence in the minds of its valued customers.

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